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Karana - The Profession Determining Factor of the Panchang

Planets and Significators 8. Planets and Zodiac 9. More about Stars More Astrological terms Planetary Occupations Name of Karana. Karana and Effects A Karana is half a Thithi or 6 degrees of arc. Table of Karanas within thithis.

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Effects of fixed Karanas. The person of this Karana will be calm, composed, intelligent, gifted with intuition and full of good deeds.

Jyotish Notes and Thoughts: Panchanga Karana

The person of this Karana will do independent business, take great pains in work and will be truthful. The person of this Karana will be a specialist and successful in professions connected with minerals. Persons of this Karana are intelligent but may be bent on doing bad deeds; are heartless, unpopular and may suffer much in life. Effects of recurring Karanas.

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The persons born of this Karana will be poor but will be kind and content with what they get. Rudra means fight. Those who born on this Thithi faces many obstacles in their life. Why we select a good Yogam day to wedding or an auspicious event? Yoga contains binding Tattwam. When a couple marry on a good Yogam day, these couple live very closely - intimately.

27 Yogas & 11 Karanas of Panchangam

Good Nakshthiram gives longvity - Ajus to that marriage. Good Thithi day gives happiness. Thithi is for happiness. Good Karanam day gives good results. Karanam is for results. Poojai to birth star. Why we perform Poojai to our birth star? Suppose if a person falls sick, then the astrologer tells to perform a Poojai to that native's birth star.

With his name Our birth star is Vaayu Tattwam. It is Air element. Lord of the Air element is saturn. Saturn is Vaayu Tattwam. Our soul live in our body like Vaayu. When we die this Vaaju leave our body. Vaayu element shows strength.

When you sick you lose strength. Hanuman is Vaayu Bhagavan. Hanuman has got very powerful physical strength. Beeman also Vaaju Tattwam. Beeman is very strong person. As Vaayu Tattwam rules by Saturn and this Saturn gives longevity. Above is the logic why we perform Poojai to our birth star. What is Lagnam Rasi etc No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Technically, a Karanam is said to be completed w Bava Lion 2. Baalava Tiger 3. Kaulava Pig 4.

Today panchanga (Hindu Calendar), Rashi, Nakshatra, Rahu kal, October 09, 12222

Thaithulai Donkey 5. Karasai Elephant 6. Vanisai Bullock 7. Sakuni Crow 9. Chathuspatham Dog Naagavam Snake Kimsthukknam Worm are the eleven Karanas The first 7 Karans are known as 'Char', which means variable and the last 4 Karnas are called as 'Sthir' which means constant. Maha Bhagya Yoga. Ganda Moola Nakshatra Dosha. Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga. Science of Astrology. Chandi Homa, An auspicious sacrificial fire ritual.

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Kartik Dosha. Monthly Panchangam. Solar and Lunar Eclipses Inauspicious Period. Constellations: Characteristics and Influences. Nakshatras Constellations. Shravan Somvar and Sawan Shivratri Vrat. Pushkar Yoga Or Dosha. Rikta Tithi and Ashtami Tithi.